Casino loyalty rewards

Loyalty rewards - get paid to play!

Casinos love to reward players for their loyalty and do so by offering bonuses and rewards.

There are 5 varieties of rewards available:

Most casinos push their welcome and sign-up bonuses but for serious players these are generally not worth taking up - we explain why in this article: the casino bonus trap.

Rebates on betting

Betting Rebates

Betting rebates are clearly in the players best interests. Players receive a rebate on their weekly/monthly betting turnover not just on losses.There are 4 of our casinos that offer this rebate bonus.

Bodog88 whose weekly betting volume rebate is either 0.4% or 0.8% - the more you bet, the more you get back.

Dafa888 who offer a rebate of at least 0.4% on monthly turnover

Eagle club are a different Bodog casino and offer the same rebates as 88.

And Happy8 offer 0.8% Weekly.

Betting Rebates
Casino Period Rebate %
Weekly 0.4% to 0.8%
Monthly 0.4% to 0.6%
Weekly 0.4% to 0.8%
Weekly 0.8%

VIP loyalty rewards schemes

VIP Rewards schemes

VIP schemes work on player loyalty. The more a player bets, the greater the rewards.

Players receive Comp / Club / Cash points every time they bet. These Comp / Club / Cash points are then converted back into real cash (or Casino Credits - CC - at Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune).

The levels of conversions - i.e cash to comp points and then back to cash - differs at each casino.

Casinos also allow players to enter their VIP loyalty schemes.

These schemes are designed to reward the casino's best players with exclusive offers that aren't available to ordinary players including invitations to Worldwide VIP events, champagne and lobster dinners, vacations and customised gifts for the player and his/her family.

The VIP rewards schemes are for the most loyal and best customers at online casinos. Fortune Palace recommend players join these schemes when they start to play and enjoy the rewards that come their way.

The bgo Loyalty scheme is slightly different as players receive rewards at each level they reach rather than having Loyalty points converted back to cash.

VIP Schemes conversion rates
Casino Scheme Levels Cash:CP Min CP:Cash Max CP:Cash Min Conv Rate Max Conv Rate
VIP Loyalty 5 10:1 95:1 70:1 950:1 700:1
VIP Loyalty 4 10:1 95:1 80:1: 950:1 800:1
VIP Club 5 10:1 98:1 80:1 980:1 800:1
Loyalty Club 5 10:1 100:1 80:1 1000:1 800:1
Comp Points 1 10:1 100:1 100:1 1000:1 1000:1
Comp Points 1 10:1 100:1 100:1 1000:1 1000:1
Loyalty Rewards 6 10:1 100:1 70:1 1000:1 CC 700:1 CC
Loyalty Rewards 6 10:1 100:1 70:1 1000:1 CC 700:1 CC
Emperor 4 500:1 198:1 48:1 99000:1 3000:1
Loyalty 5 50:1 n/a n/a n/a n/a

Bonuses for depositing

Depositing bonuses

Some casinos also offer rewards to players for depositing.

The casinos listed below offer players a bonus of between 10% and 15% depending on the method used.

In some cases, a minimum deposit is required or the bonus may have a maximum limit and at Winner there is a wagering/playthrough requirement.

Players should seriously consider these generous offers when opening an account at a casino.

Deposit Method Bonuses
Casino No. of Methods Bonus
8 15%
8 15%
16 10% to 15%
25 10% to 15% min £35 deposit

Cashback on losses

Cash back on losses

Another reward offered by the casinos is Cashback.

This offer entitles players to receive a % of their money back when their balance reaches zero.

The Cashback may apply to initial deposits as at Grand Online, where you will be credited with 75% cashback.

Golden Palace casino offers a similar rebate, but only up to 25% of your deposit. This offer isn't advertised on the website, but if players decline the Sign up offer, they are automatically given this bonus instead.

Bodog 88 allows new players the chance to try the casino risk-free. If your first day of betting results in an overall loss, they will credit your account with 100% of your initial deposit, up to a maximum of 40 USD.

The cash back exchange rate at Dafa888 Cash Back Club is the best of all our casinos with every 10 currency bet = 1 cash point and every 25 cash points = 1 currency, giving an exceptional ratio of 250:1.

bgo have a cashback offer that's worth up to 20% for their Loyalty scheme members.

Cash Back Rewards
Casino Cashback offer Amount
CashBack £250 bet = £1 returned
Initial Deposit Risk Free 100% returned on First Day
Deposit CashBack 25% returned on all deposits
First Deposit CashBack 75% returned on Frist Deposit
CashBack max 20% on weekly losses

New player bonuses

Sign-up and welcome bonuses

Casinos like to push these bonuses to new players as they have large percentage figures and high maximum values. However, they're aimed at casual players rather than serious gamblers. More often than not, these bonuses are only designed for Slots players.

If you want to see our comparison table for sign-up bonuses, click here: Casino bonus table.