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betfair Exchange Baccarat

Exchange Baccarat

In traditional Baccarat, you have to place your bets before the game starts. betfair Exchange Baccarat allows you to watch a game of Baccarat and bet as things change!

Each game takes place over a maximum of 6 rounds and you can change your bet after each round. In addition to the standard Banker, Player and Tie bets, there are also a number of side bets, to add to the interest and excitement.

Unlike a game such as Blackjack, where the player has to make decisions, Baccarat is always a game where you act as an observer, but with Exchange Baccarat you can now change your mind as the game unfolds - either consolidating your position or minimising your exposure.

Before you play

If you're new to Baccarat, it would be useful to familiarise yourself with the basics first:

  1. How to play Baccarat
  2. A simple Baccarat strategy

In terms of strategy, your best bet is still to use the 1-3-2-4 betting system on Dealer. In this case, though, you have the opportunity to change bets after each round makes the situation clearer.

To help you understand Exchange Baccarat, we'll walk through a typical game, round by round:

Round 1

Exchange Baccarat

Before the game starts you can place bets on Dealer, Player or Tie, plus five special side bets:

  1. Pocket Pair in any hand
  2. Highest hand has nine
  3. Highest hand is odd
  4. Natural win
  5. Natural Tie

At this stage of the game, the odds offered on each of the bets is always the same (see image to the right).

Other than following our usual Baccarat strategy ie betting on Dealer, there's no real decision making to be done yet.

Round 2

Exchange Baccarat

The cards are dealt and the odds on each bet change instantly!

As with all exchange betting, other gamblers will react to what just happened, giving you an opportunity to place further bets - either on your original choice or a new one.

Don't forget that the odds on the side bets will also now start to change.

This is your first real opportunity to make an informed bet, based on your knowledge of the game and its strategy - bearing in mind that other punters may not have the same expertise!

Rounds 3 - 6

Exchange Baccarat

Play now continues for up to 4 more rounds, depending on the cards dealt. This follows standard Baccarat rules in terms of whether the Dealer and Player receive more cards or not.

After each round, you have the chance to bet further, reacting to what you see - both on the table and on the exchange.

This is the great part of Exchange betting - betting in-play as the game changes and other punters react - always remembering that you can Lay (bet against) a certain result as well as Backing (betting for) it, giving you the chance to play safe and go for the obvious or bet big on an outside bet, hoping to win big!

Once the game ends, all bets are settled and the action moves on to the next game - there's a game every few minutes, 24 hours a day, so you never have too long to wait!

Fancy trying it out?

If the above has whetted your appetite, and you'd like to give Exchange Baccarat (or any of the other Exchange Games) a spin, just click on the link below and we'll take you straight there!

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