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24th July 2015 - list updated

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Financial security is number one on every players list of essential items. There's no point gambling if you can't withdraw your winnings, or if the deposit process is so complex that it interrupts your gameplay. The best casinos know this, too, and offer many different options for depositing and withdrawing, in as streamlined a way as possible.

All of the casinos above have been checked for efficiency and reliability. We've made deposits and requested payouts many times from each of them. We use these experiences, in combination with the number of options they provide, to give an overall rating for the Banking section, which forms part of the overall review of each casino.

It's clear from the above table that the US-facing brand (Bovada) offers far fewer options than those dealing with UK and EU customers. For players in the UK, with over 20 options in some cases, it can be difficult to understand exactly how complex it can be for a US player to do something as simple as deposit and place a bet, so Bovada deserve enormous credit for offering any options at all, given the legislation in the USA.

Anonimity is also important to players, who need to know that their credit card and bank details can't be stolen by hackers. Encryption is non-negotiable and all of our recommended brands offer the highest degree of security you'll find anywhere online.

Another important aspect is the ability to self-regulate. In land-based bookmakers and casinos, it can be very difficult for cashiers and owners to know when a player is playing beyond their limits. With every transaction recorded and available for scrutiny, the possibility of any player getting in too deep is immediately reduced. Players can request stops on their play (temporary or permanent) and the casinos will immediately comply - and offer help in cases where they feel it may be needed.

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