Inter Casino Live Dealer casino review (5 out of 10)

Live Dealer games at Inter Casino

Banking Inter Casino offer 8 deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit cards
Summary Inter Casino shares the HoGaming feed with 138 and Bodog Eagle Club.

It only offers three of the available HoGaming games (Sic Bo and Dragon/Tiger are not included) and Inter Casino has a very clear focus on introducing Live Casino games to new players, with smaller, much less intimidating table limits.

This encourages players who may be interested in Live games, but who have never played before, to try the experience, without the sense of having to risk a large bankroll while learning the games.

For example, the maximum bet in Baccarat at Inter Casino is just £500, rather than £5,000 at 138 and Eagle Club, or the massive £25,000 at Bet Victor.
Allowed countries
Game Screenshot Versions Table limits No of tables Features
Baccarat Single Player, Multi Player £1 - £500 3 All Roads Shown
Blackjack Multi Player £5 - £1,000 4 Bet Behind
Roulette European, Multi Player £1- £1,000 4 Hot and Cold statistics available for last 150 spins

Inter Casino Live Dealer game reviews

Inter Casino Baccarat

Versions Single Player, Multi Player
Table limits Minimum £1, Maximum £500.
Available tables 24 / 7 guaranteed availability
Game speed Inter Casino provide a game of Baccarat on average every 53 seconds, givingup to 68 games per hour.
Summary There are always tables available and players can enjoy a quick turnover of games per hour. We recommend them to new Live Baccarat players, looking for an easy introduction to Live Casino games.
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Inter Casino Blackjack

Versions Inter Casino offers Multi Player Blackjack
Table limits £5 - £500, £10 - £1,000
Available tables 4 tables, all with Bet Behind facility
Summary Inter Casino guarantees 24/7 availability, so although there are only 4 tables, each with 7 seats, Inter Casino offer the option of Betting Behind whilst waiting for the next available free seat.
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Inter Casino Roulette

Versions European
Table limits £1 - £500, £5 - £1,000
Available tables 2 x 2
Game speed Each game takes an average of 75 seconds, giving 48 games per hour.
Summary Inter Casino offers 2 Roulette tables, but each table has two betting limits, giving effectively 4 tables in total. As with the other games, the betting limits encourage new players to try out Live casino games for the first time.
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