How to play Keno

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What is Keno?

Keno (or 'Chinese Lottery') is similar to both Bingo and Lotto and has grown in popularity along with those two games.

Its attraction lies in the fact that a £1 bet can win £100,000.

The rules of Keno

Playing Keno at online casinos

Playing Keno is as simple as filling in a lottery ticket, but rather than two draws a week, there's an endless supply of draws to take part in, so you can play whenever and as often as you like.

The rules of the game are simple:

a) The board consists of the numbers 1 to 80;

b) You select between 1 and 15 of these numbers;

c) 20 numbers are drawn at random.

How to win at Keno

Winning at Keno

Players win at Keno by having their selected numbers matched by the 20 drawn balls.

On our odds page, we show the maximum payouts for matching all of your numbers - e.g. at bgo, if you choose 3 numbers and they are matched, you receive a payout of 48. However, players should note that in Keno, you can get a lower odds payout for matching a portion of your chosen numbers - e.g at 138SunGame, if players choose 8 numbers and they get 3 matched then they receive a payout of 1 - which is considerably less than the payout of 16 if they chose 3 numbers and got all 3 matched.

If you want to practice a Keno strategy, or just play for fun, we also provide an instant, no download, no registration Free Keno game for you to enjoy!

The best online Keno casinos

The best online Keno casinos

The most important thing to look for in an online Keno casino is the maximum payout, and the number of balls needed to get that payout. We rank our casinos based on this.

As Keno is the kind of game where casinos allow you to accept their sign-up bonuses without restriction, we list the available Keno bonus, too.

We list our top 3 Keno casinos below, but for a full list, go to our Keno casinos page.

  • Online Keno for US players and 100,000 to 1 payout!

    Far and away the best casino for Keno is Bovada.

    They offer the best maximum payout of any casino - 100,000 - and offer that for just 10 balls from 10.

    Bovada also offer Keno players a decent 4 stage bonus worth up to $1000 and - best of all - they allow players from the USA to take advantage.

    Play Keno now at Bovada.

  • Play Keno with a £1388 bonus

    138SunGame offer a payout of 100,000, but for matching 15 balls from 15.

    138SunGame offer 2 versions of Keno - a 'standard' Golden Bonanza Keno and Mega Bingo Keno - a fun bingo-based version, where you match balls on a pre-determined bingo card.

    New Keno players at 138SunGame are also eligible for the Oceans 138 bonus which is worth up to £1388 and which has a wagering requirement of just 30x.

    Play Keno now at 138SunGame.

  • 20,000 payout and cashback on losses

    bgo offers a 20,000 payout, for 10 balls from 10.

    The reason we rank bgo so highly for Keno is because they offer 'TV show Keno' which is great fun - a cheesy TV host introduces each game. Very different, but very enjoyable!

    Although their sign-up bonus isn't eligible for Keno players, they do offer 20% cashback every week for what they call 'unlucky play'.

    Play Keno now at bgo.