The £10,000,000 Colossus

Fancy winning the world's biggest bet?

Colossus Bets is a brand new pool betting website where you can bet on the results (both scores and outcomes) of football matches. Colossus Bets operates pool betting games, which means that amounts staked will be placed into pools and winning players will share the relevant pool less any deductions.

Colossus Bets offer guaranteed prizes on selected pools which ensures that winners get a significant payout whatever the total amounts staked.

Colossus Bets offers more than just pool betting games. A unique feature of the bet is that at certain times during a game (for example, after one of the selected matches has finished or a change in score), players are offered the chance to 'cash-in' any 'live' tickets (in full or in part) by selling them back to Colossus Bets through their unique cash-in process. When you cash-in a ticket they will pay you the agreed amount and you will bank this regardless of what happens in the remaining legs of the bet. If you cash-in a part of your ticket, you will bank the cashed-in value for that part and for the part of the ticket you choose not to cash-in, you retain the opportunity to win a corresponding share of the prize funds for that pool if your ticket is successful in the remaining legs.

For a detailed tutorial, watch the video at the foot of the page: How to bet on the Colossus.

  • 1. Bet

    'The Colossus' is the world's biggest bet with a guaranteed minimum prize fund of £10,000,000!

    Players bet on a range of correct score and correct outcome pools, with £2,000,000 minimum guarantees in each of 5 major European leagues.

    Players can perm any number of correct outcomes and correct scores in their chosen matches. Each line costs £2, so costs can quickly mount if players are perming 2 or more scores per match. However, if players are confident in their own ability to correctly summarise matches then they will be confident that this is money well spent. And as we have seen with the Scoop 6 horse racing bet, people can form syndicates to ensure a larger betting bank and thus cover more options.

  • 2. Cash-in

    The unique "cash-in" feature allows players to cash in tickets at half-times and as matches in a pool complete, to ensure you have some profit from your ongoing, live bet.

    Colossus Bets also allows you to cash-in a live ticket in fractions, taking some profit whilst retaining an interest in part of the Jackpot with the remainder of your ticket.

    As a goal is scored in each game or games near a result, Colossus Bets will make a Cash-in offer to players on their live bets, it is then up to the player to take a profit or hold out for the Jackpot.

  • 3. Win!

    After all matches in a pool are completed, the prize fund is paid to holders of the winning combinations.

    The headline pools have a win figure and also a bonus figure that players can win, additionally, the headline pools also have a consolation fund which is available for players who pick the correct home/draw/away outcome in each match but not the correct score, giving players 3 chances to win big money!

How to bet on the Colossus - video tutorial


Sign-up to Colossus Bets

Signing up to Colossus Bets is a quick and simple two-stage process. Simply click on the link to the right and follow the instructions on-site.

Within minutes, you can be putting yourself in line to win the world's biggest bet - £10,000,000!