The Premier League is going all the way!

By | September 28, 2013

We’re only five games into the campaign but here we go, I’m going to stick my neck out: this season is going to be the most exciting Premier League ever!

For the first time in the Premier League era we have five serious title contenders and I’m already getting very excited. Could we see a final day to beat all previous final days, with three, four or maybe even five teams all in with a shout at the Premier League crown? History suggests not but history is only the past and the future could be very, very exciting!

Ok, I’ve used the “e” word three times already but just imagine it! The final day of the season sees Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal all playing separately – what will the TV men do? Sky might just have to call it Super Intergalactic Mega Title Sunday and invent new channels just to cover all the games.

Heaven help poor Sky if somehow one of the Merseyside clubs gets in on the act. Are there enough pundits and former players to cover seven live games simultaneously or will they have to clone Gary Neville? Or worse, get Phil Neville involved? Or worse still, wheel out Andy Gray and Richard Keys. Suspect Jamie Redknapp won’t be bringing Louise along to the studio if that happens.

Anyway, 11th May 2014 is the date for your diaries. Unless Sky decide the games should be played a week earlier so they can shoe in some Star Wars references in the endless uber-hyped promotion that the final weekend will entail. Maybe old Fergie will reveal he is David Moyes’ father or AVB turns evil and strikes down his mentor, the Jedi known as the Special One.

Ok, enough Star Wars talk. Back to football. Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, City, Spurs, Everton, Liverpool. There it is, the finishing order of your top seven after Super Intergalactic Mega Title Sunday has played out. Sorry to ruin the excitement. Oh, and United are 9/2 with Ladbrokes for the title by the way.

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