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By | December 20, 2014

It’s the final Saturday before Christmas and thoughts turn to the expenses we’ve spent, are still spending and are yet to have spent. So to help ease the burden for you, following on from Mad Friday, this Super Saturday, I have a Super Yankee for us.

For those who don’t know, a Super Yankee (also known as a canadian) consists of 5 horses in double, trebles, four folds and a five horse accumulator. These types of multiple bets, (yanks, canadians, heinzs) were the bees knees years ago but they have been replaced in more recent times by Lucky 15s, 31s and 63s. The reason for this is that the Lucky bets include single bets on each horse and bookies tend to entice punters with bonuses on the Luckys and not on the multiples.

So instantly, you would have to ask yourself what the attraction is for both the bookies and the punter?

Firstly, the bookies offer double sometimes treble the odds for 1 winner in your Lucky. So if you backed a 3/1 shot and it was your only winner, then you could receive 6/1 (double odds) or 9/1 (treble odds) for it and recover some of your wager. Clearly the bookies like you betting more money,( a Lucky 15 is 15 x your stake and a yankee is 11 x your stake) at the outset of your bet. And by offering you the odds boost they are tempting you to back longer priced horses which thus reduces your chance of winning. It is a clever ploy as it also feeds into the psyche of the punter, which leads us into point 2.

Punters are always eager to bemoan their luck. The shops and internet forums are full of people who will tell you how unlucky they were. How a terrible ride cost them a good bet. How they didn’t know the ground had changed. How a jockey couldn’t do them a favour. Why it is always them who can’t back a winner. And so in this defeatist attitude they do Luckys, just in case they only manage 1 winner in 4. What kind of attitude is that to have? I have backed 4 horses but I’m only expecting 1 to win. Some people call it a safety net, but if you back with the online double odds bookies, then your only winner needs to be at least 8/1 to cover that bet. This limits you instantly to finding bigger priced winners.

I expect every horse I bet on to win. Whether they do or not is irrelevant to my initial thoughts. I don’t back 5 horses thinking that maybe 1 will win, it is negative, it is defeatist and it ain’t for me.

Anyway here is my Super Yankee to cover those Christmas 2014 expenses.

Best Bets Saturday 20th December 2014

Super Yankee (Canadian) 26 Bets

12.30 Haydock – Greywell Boy @ 6/1 with  bet365

14.40 Haydock – Run Runctions Run @ 7/2 with  bet365

14.05 Haydock – Safran De Cotte @ 6/1 with  bet365

15.00 Ascot – Houblon Des Obeaux @ 7/2 with  bet365

14.00 Lingfield – Anglophile @ 3/1 with bet365

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