TGL is devastated

By | November 19, 2014

Well it happened didn’t it? Gemma Collins quit I’m a Celebrity and left us all in shock at how quickly she caved in. I can tell you that TGL is devastated, there is no consoling her at all. Not even a bottle of Grey Goose is helping! Dear dear, poor TGL.

It didn’t start well for our latest TOWIE export did it? The helicopter ride (or lack of it), the walk through the jungle, a lack of food and spending time in the Slammer, it was all too much. When your whole live revolves around pampering, spray tan and well eating, then a life of no luxuries is always going to be tough.

What she thought it was going to be like no-one knows, but this show has been on for years now so really you can’t have sympathy for any of them let alone an Essex girl.

I do think it was a shame she quit though as she did have the potential to be comical. She was really irritating at times and her constant mood shifts were good to watch, as they clearly annoyed the other camp mates, and we love that.

But back home she goes and back to TOWIE though she said she was going to change her life. As Michael Burke pointed out, she has no talent other than being on a Reality TV show so what is she going to do to actually change her life? Can you really change your life? Well that’s another question for another day isn’t it?

Anyway poor TGL what will I have to do to cheer her up? Answers on a postcard please!

So back to the remaining camp mates and here is our updated Leader board based on absolutely nothing:

1. Mel

2. Jimmy

3. Kendra

4. Michael

5. Craig

6. Carl

7. Tynchy

8. Nadia

9. Vicky

I think at this stage, the only bet I can suggest is for next eviction and as she is bottom of the leader board then Vicky is the recommended bet.


I’m a Celebrity Best Bet – 19th November 2014

First Eviction – Vicky @ 5/2 with bet365

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