No more Kendra please

By | November 28, 2014

I have had my fill of the whining American Kendra. Sheesh she is so annoying. Alright she finally managed to get 10 stars in a challenge, but it was the easiest challenge I have ever seen. What about the picture challenge when all she had to do was use her hands and tongue? Come on she is a Playboy bunny what else does she use? And well she left a lot to be desired there didn’t she? Would you be happy if she was your play mate? Unbelievable. So come on public no more Kendra please!

The storm that hit Australia really had the TV producers worried, so much so that they kept it very low key on the show and hardly mentioned it. But I know for a fact that they were extremely concerned for the well-being of the stars after they were cut off. The car couldn’t get down the track and the helicopter couldn’t take off due to the inclement weather. It looked for a time as though two of our celebrities would be cut adrift. And what with 2 murderers being on the loose in the bush, well it looked a little hair raising to say the least for our celebrities didn’t it?

The latest trial has seen the boys pitted against the girls with immunity being at stake from the first eviction. Now all that concerns me is if Vicky is immune, who will go? Well, I think with a lack of air time affecting his public perception, that Tynchy could be in trouble. For Real Doh! So let’s have a piece of the Stryder for first eviction.

The latest I’m a Celebrity Fortune Palace Power Board

1. Mel

2. Carl

3. Michael

4. Jimmy

5. Edwina

6. Jake

7. Kendra

8. Nadia

9. Tynchy

10. Vicky


I’m a Celebrity Best Bet

First Eviction – Tynchy @ 10s with Ladbrokes

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