I’m a celebrity – week 2 update

By | December 1, 2014

Yes folks, it’s that time again, when I report back on the celebs running around in the jungle. So without too much ado let’s have the I’m a  celebrity – week 2 update.

So the question is – are you all on Tinchy? I put up the rap star in midweek as a 10/1 shot to be first evicted. He now trades at 3/10. If you had followed where this game was taking us, it was a no brainer. So hopefully boots have been filled and the mince pies are awaiting to be eaten. If you did take my advice then you could throw one of them mince pies my way. Thanking you all in advance.

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the storm that hit that put the celebs in jeopardy. Now you expect snakes, spiders, eels and green ants to threaten you, but never could you have expected to be in danger of being washed away in the outback. Quite remarkable as David Coleman used to say.

I’m pleased to say that the public took my advice and stopped choosing Kendra for the trials. It was becoming tedious wasn’t it? She was not in the Helen Flannagan league of entertainment nor the Gillian Mckeith school of acting, so her time had come to an end. Thank goodness for that.

Edwina continues to go from strength to strength in my opinion and she was quite epic in her trial with Kendra and then when taking down Foggy in the head to head task. She is certainly growing on me even though she is a former Tory mp. Quite remarkable turnaround as David Coleman used to say. (Yes indeed I’ve used it again)

The Jimmy/Jake axis took a bit of a battering thanks to Jimmy’s quick temper and alleged banter. It was an awkward moment and not good to watch and as a result he has drifted out in the betting, whilst Jake had become the new favourite. Is this right? Well Jake is doing well in his trials and with Jimmy acting like a tool then it probably is.

So on to the Fortune Palace I’m a Celebrity Power Board – week 2 update.

1. Edwina

2. Michael

3. Jake

4. Mel

5. Foggy

6. Kendra

7. Jimmy

8. Nadia

9. Vicky

10. Tinchy


Carry on watching  and I’ll be back after Tinchy has left tomorrow night to tell you what Christmas present I’d like.

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