I’m a celebrity – week 1 update

By | November 23, 2014

Yes folks it’s been a week since our celebs were whisked off into the jungle and fed wichity grubs, pigs testicles and kangaroo anus. Oh the joy of watching them squirm. Does tv get any better than seeing a B list celebrity throwing up into a bucket whilst the 2 likely lads, Ant and Dec, stand and scoff at them? Anyhoo here is our week 1 update.

Well we lost 2 camp mates and gained 2 new ones. Did we as viewers win or lose in that exchange? It’s hard to tell really, neither Gemma or Craig got fully involved in the experience due to being in the Slammer. But what we saw with Gemma in particular was a personality that would have kept us entertained, of that there is no doubt, and Craig has always seemed like a funny guy. So maybe we lost a bit of comedy value from our screens.

In came Jake Quickenden, an X Factor loser (I mean finalist) and old Edwina Currie, who likes to pop up in this kind of thing every now and again. So far Jake has got himself right involved in the game and was really good when completing his live trial on Sunday night. I do get the feeling however that his slimy side may cost him dearly. No one wants to see him with his hands all over Nadia constantly. Well I don’t. Edwina is what she is, a retired MP who nobody liked at the time, but who now seems to have evolved into the social conscience as a decent human being. Ain’t time a great leveler? So watch this space in regards to these two new additions.

So onto the I’m a Celebrity Power board week 1 update.

This board for anyone new to this blog is my rankings of the celebrities based on absolutely nothing:

1. Jimmy

2. Mel

3. Carl

4. Michael

5. Kendra

6. Jake

7. Edwina

8. Nadia

9. Tynchy

10. Vicky


As I said last week, it is really hard to call this series winner so we have gone for the First eviction and have backed Vicky. I think this is the right call as she doesn’t seem to be getting any air time, doesn’t do anything outrageous or hilarious and has so far been non existent to us viewers.

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