I’m a celebrity returns

By | November 16, 2014

Well it’s that time of year again when I’m a celebrity returns to our ITV screens. In my house it signals the start of the Christmas countdown, as when it ends there are always only weeks to Christmas day so bring it on!

So what do we make of this years celebs (I’ll use that term loosely).

Well here is the run down of the 10 celebs in the jungle. I’ve also added comments from my guest summariser TGL

Gemma: Is there anyone left in TOWIE who hasn’t been in a celeb programme? She is a typical reality non entity and just will not enjoy this and neither will I. TGL reckons she is always dramatic but has a heart of gold. Whatever.

Michael: Can there be anything that fears him? He has been round the world and seen so much war but now he has to see celebrity breakdowns. TGL asked me who he was, which just about sums her up!

Melanie: Top Northern bird, started well last night and still has a banging body, good enough for me! TGL thought she looked good for someone who has two kids. Ain’t it funny how we see things?

Jimmy: Never rated or liked him as a footballer, couldn’t care less about him, though he looks like a funny guy. TGL asked me who he was.

Carl: Obvious tough guy, you can’t be a superbike champion without having balls of steel. So he looks the right kind of guy for this challenge. The worry was he gets bored and moody when he’s hungry, well you’d better hope the public choose the right people for the trials me old mate! TGL asked who he was!

Tynchy: Now this guy is high on TGL’s list of likes due to his collaboration with N- Dubz to produce Number 1 (What language is that I’ve typed), so at least she knows him. Could be cool, could be boring and non existent, who knows?

Vicky: Fond memories of her in Allo Allo so I shall say this only once (sorry but had to be done) she is old now and unlikely to catch the public’s imagination but I’ll always have a soft spot for her. TGL asked who she was.

Craig: Why is LLoyd in the jungle TGL asked me, who is going to man the keyboard at Streetcars whilst he’s away? You can see the calibre of conversation we have in our house. But he is a funny guy and looks popular with the public so should do well.

Nadia: Both TGL and I looked at each other and went who? Non entity in this.

Kendra: Another of TGL’s favourite reality tv stars. She used to have the series plussed in week after week. How many dramas can 1 person have? Hopefully she will be in the shower a lot, that’s all I can say.

Whilst we’re chatting about the show, we love Ant and Dec but do we really have to suffer Peter Andre 100s of time during each show? Come on Iceland fire him off please.

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