I’m a celebrity – 2 down with 8 to go

By | December 3, 2014

Well we stand at the beginning of the end for our intrepid celebrities. Yes evictions have started on I’m a celebrity and we’re 2 down with 8 to go.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit I got it completely wrong. The first eviction was possibly the biggest celebrity tv shock I can recall. The biggest twist of fate since Matt Hardy took out Jeff Hardy in fact, but I’ll come back to that in a bit.

Nadia Forde has just gone and do we notice? Be honest as I’ve said numerous times she was a complete non-entity in this show. She seems like a nice enough girl, but I’d never heard of her (neither had TGL) when she entered and I know very little about her now she’s left. She brought nothing to the show and I obviously won’t miss her.

Now Jimmy Bullard. Last Friday he was 8/11 to win the show. Just read that again it isn’t incorrect. He was odds on to win the entire show on Friday. By Monday he was first evicted! Not only did it ruin my mince pie buying, it has to be the biggest turnaround in celeb tv history.

So where did it all go wrong for Jimmy Bellend as he is known in my house? It all seems to boil down to 1 bit of “banter” with X Factor reject Jake Quickenden. Yes it was uncomfortable watching but was it bullying? No chance. It was a mis read by Jimmy, 100 per cent. Jake is a nice lad who doesn’t come from the sporting dog eat dog world that Jimmy does, and that led to his downfall.

Secondary to that was two incidents. Firstly Jimmy was the only celebrity to fail to finish the Tomb of Terror challenge, despite all his team talks. Secondly on the night of his eviction, we finally got to see Tinchy do something. The drinking challenge was excellent as it always is, but Jimmy looked soft and Tinchy looked cool man – For Real doh! Was excellently timed by ITV for Tinchy and not for Bellend. Result Rapstar 1 Bellend 0. Jimmy back on the plane home.

What I can’t get my head around is how Jake has got the public on his side. Nobody cared when he was on X factor, in fact he was one of the first evicted from the show. so how did he manage to garner so much support? All he has done is mither the girls, done well in the trials and grown close to the boys. He does have a sad look about him and we are all well aware of his family situation. Too much information for my liking.

Anyway, whatever the whys and wherefores Jimmy Bellend Bullard and Nadia non-entity Forde have left the jungle and now we have to get rid of a few more before we can crown our King or Queen. So to help you make a bet, let’s have a look at the Fortune Palace I’m a celebrity Power Board:

1. Michael

2. Carl

3. Edwina

4. Vicky

5. Mel

6. Jake

7. Tinchy

8. Kendra

We’re 2 down with 8 to go so don’t forget to check out all the latest I’m a Celebrity prices at Ladbrokes

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