Big Brother – Going Biblical

By | June 22, 2014

To find the winner of Big Brother 2014, I suggest we go biblical.

Ok so what do I mean by that opening statement? Well the winner of BB 2014 will be found in the bible. And why? Well let me run through the competitors and it will become obvious.

So in alphabetical order we have: Ash, Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher, Danielle, Helen, Jale, Kimberley, Mark, Marlon, Matthew, Steven. Toya and Winstone.

So let’s look at this bunch of wannabes:

Ash – looks good, has a cool vibe about him but has absolutely no personality and if he wasn’t good looking no one would care about him.

Ashleigh – is she still there? She is an absolute non-entity. When the  vote turns to save, she has to be backed to leave. No-one cares about her and she adds nothing.

Chris – was my favourite last week, but doesn’t have anything about him to make me watch him now. He doesn’t have the personality to carry him to victory.

Christopher – seems to get picked on and that kind of mind set will get him far. But that stroppiness and child like behaviour is wearing and I can’t see me me warming to someone who stamps his foot when annoyed.

Danielle – for someone who claimed to be an individual and strong minded she has bent like a Fifa official. No chance of victory.

Helen – where do we start? A prostitute who slept with Wayne Rooney but that’s not her worst quality! She is deplorable, obnoxious and clearly a very nasty person. She may be in the final but she will leave as soon as the public has a voice. I can’t stand her.

Jale – gained momentum in the first week by being herself and not getting sucked into the game by trying to be popular, only to then accept the warmth of Helen (if that is possible) the next week! Hypocritical and sure to shoot herself in the foot.

Marlon– puts himself up as a ladies man and a cool dude, but he just isn’t either. He will be gone when no-one cares about the others.

Steven– What an absolute girl. Cried when he was put up for nomination and kissed Pauline’s backside for a week For someone who claimed to have sold his family to get ahead in business, he is very weak.

Toya – an absolutely deplorable character. Loves to stir and “tell it like it is” which is code for being rude. If up this week she will leave.

Winstone – a great guy, tells great stories but that’s it. Nice looking, bit dim, but harmless. Is that enough for the current favourite to win? I think not. Has nothing about him that smacks of a winner, just a good looking Essex guy.

So now it’s time to get Biblical.

The only 2 possible winners of Big Brother 2014 are (in the absence of Luke and John) Matthew or Mark.

Matthew – understands the game, is intelligent and clearly on an upwards curve given his power housemate position. Reminds me a lot of Aaron who won a couple of years ago. He doesn’t take any messing and stands  as an individual which isn’t easy given the sheep mentality that prevails in the house.

Mark – by far the funniest person in the house, understands the game and freely speaks his mind to all participants. His position in the house is safe as they all like him, he will definitely be in the final and he has the natural likeability to make him a winner.

So there you have it. In the words of Hulk Hogan, “Let me tell you something brother” or Big Brother in this case, we have gone biblical to find the winner.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Big Brother 2014 Winner

Matthew 8/1 @ bet365.

Mark 10/1 @ bet365.


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