Wrestlemania XXXI

By | March 29, 2015

Welcome to Wrestlemania! Oh yes indeedy folks it’s that time of year again when wrestling hosts it’s showcase event, Wrestlemania. Can anything top last year’s when Brock Lesnar ended The Streak? It was a monumental moment in the history of Sports entertainment and once again proved that WWE isn’t always as predictable as we are led to believe. The Greatest Stage of them All can throw up some classics and tonight should be no different.

4 hours of entertainment awaits us tonight live from the home of the San Francisco 49ers and this huge venue will provide it’s own  atmoshpere. There is something magical about watching the Wrestlemania matches with the changing daytime/nightime sky. And tonight we could see a record crowd. This is gonna be one special night.

So onto the matches. The headline is obviously Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a title Lesnar has held for a good few months now and his last defence in the Triple Threat with John Cena and Seth Rollins, shows that the WWE are not in the frame of mind to change their Champ. There was a lot of hoo- ha over the Royal Rumble that Reigns won and, in my opinion, I think that he is due some comeuppance here against the Beast Incarnate. I’m taking Lesnar to retain the crown.

The Legends match featuring Sting and Triple H is an intriguing one. What has been the point of Sting coming back if not to win here? He has constantly spoiled things for Triple H in the past year and at one point even cost The Authority their position of power. Triple H has a chequered Wrestlemania record and a defeat here will not affect his status in the WWE. I’m taking Sting to make it Game Over.

Last year Wade Barrett’s star was in the decline. At Wrestlemania XXX it began to rise again. The huge English and European following that flies over to Wrestlemania each year, ensures that Wade will have great support tonight. The WWE are quick to capitalise on  any financial opportunity and surely they will want the beer swilling Euros to be celebrating a Barrett win tonight. Take Wade Barrett to win the Inter-Continental Ladder match.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal sees Damien Mizdow at the head of the betting. Mizdow is hugely popular among the fans at present due to his Miz sidekick persona. It would come as no surprise to see him given the spotlight here. Although a word of caution. Last year Cesaro won the inaugral trophy even though he wasn’t on the list at the start of the night! Very strange given how he has had a very poor year since.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins has the potential to be the best technical fight on the schedule as both are gifted wrestlers. Rollins is the Future of WWE and Mr Money in the Bank, whilst Orton has fallen from grace with The Authority and is currently returning to full form following his mid season sabbatical. This is an intriguing match to call, but with Rollins having the full backing of The Authority, one would imagine they won’t let him lose no matter how deserved! No bet in this but should be a cracking fight.

I can’t for the life of me understand why The Undertaker has been resurrected to face Bray Wyatt? The Streak ended at the hands of Brock Lesnar and that should have been that. We haven’t see the Deadman for 1 year, reports suggest he isn’t in the best physical shape and is there a point in him winning or losing tonight? Not for me. Nothing to see here move on.

John Cena always has to poke his nose in here and the most polarising wrestler of the current era is very obviously due to take it to the Russian Rusev. Unbeaten since his arrival at WWE, Rusev has taken on and beaten a whole host of superstars. But this is Wrestlemania and the USA needs to see their flag raised tonight. Cena is an absolute shoe-in. Talking about raising flags, if the Ravishing Russian Lana turns up in 1 of her tight fitting, bosom revealing outfts, there will be plenty of flagpoles erected to hang that flag on! Oh you didn’t know?

I’m not really interested in the Divas match and normally find myself having a half-time snooze whilst it’s on!

So Wrestlemania XXXI is upon us. Entertainment at a premium. Hours of falls and near falls. 1, 2, kick out on 2. Lesnar takes it to Reigns….. Superman punch…. The Beast is down….. Great stength from Lesnar……. F5! Reigns is pinned 1,2,3….. Brock Lesnar retains the WWE World Heavyweight Title!

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