Mobile Gaming and Betting – is it Worth it?

By | April 22, 2017

Mobile Casinos have now become the forefront of access when it comes to those wishing to play casino games. While only a few years earlier, it was still considered a new option, today over 70% of players use a mobile device to log in and access the wide selection of games available. So the question becomes, is choosing a mobile casino point of access worth it, or are traditional points of access such as downloadable casinos or instant play casinos offering greater value?

Ultimately, from a player’s perspective, it depends on many variables, these being type of games, performance, range of games and preferences. When you consider that mobile casinos are compatible with virtually all devices on the market today, many feel mobile is the way to go and other methods are merely archaic. As you read on, you will learn more on what a mobile casino is, what it offers and a few of our recommended mobile casinos.

What Is The Definition of a Mobile Casino?

Ever since smartphones hit the market, online casinos saw the opportunity to provide players with an opportunity to access games via their phones. While this started slowly, it developed more aggressively as technology advanced and allowed for greater options and viewing capabilities. That in turn allowed for a larger number of games to be created, but also for the converting of existing games as well, and thereby provided an equal gaming opportunity for mobile players.

Mobile casinos now provide a full casino experience equal to that of other casino software. All the options one would have access to via those points of access are offered via mobile casino applications. Players simply need to log into their casino account via mobile, make deposits, select games of choice and play as they normally would.

How to Access and Play via a Mobile Casino

Mobile casino developers have ensured their games are identical for each method of access. This ensures that whether accessing via a download casino, instant play or mobile, the user experience will be identical in every way.

The only notable difference when accessing via a mobile device is the layout as game controls have been optimized to fit each relevant device. For example, the spin button has been moved to the left of the screen and increased in size to provide easier access and identification. The betting options and game settings are available on a menu button, giving access to all the regular features such as autoplay, game speeds, etc.

To play a game, you simply need to login to your account via smartphone or tablet, select a game, game selection, wait for it to load and you are good to go. Some games will require players to turn their phones to landscape in order to optimize its view and performance.

Best Mobile Gaming Casinos

We have selected a number of highly impressive online casinos to give players the opportunity to experience these options at their best. Just about any smartphone or tablet can be used to access these casinos, meaning iOS, Windows, Android, and even Blackberry. To access the casino, simply go to your browser, type in the casino name, and log in.

Our most recommended mobile casinos include betfair, Guts Casino, and bet365. These casinos have not only created the most impressive layouts for mobile, but they have also managed to include an amazing range of games by featuring world-class developers. Players can do anything from creating an account to making deposits, playing games, and even requesting withdrawals with these easy to use casinos. In each case, a sportsbook is also accessible – and a lot easier to use than you’d think!