betfair Exchange Games Academy

By | June 2, 2015

Exchange Games Academy

Fancy studying at a Casino Academy?!

betfair have introduced an interesting concept for players looking to play on their Exchange Games.


What are Exchange Games?

In case you’re out of the loop, Exchange Games give you the chance to bet on ‘live’ casino games, using the betfair betting exchange.

For example, you can watch a game of multi-hand Blackjack and bet on which player you think will win – if any! Or sit behind the table watching a game of Texas Hold ’em, placing bets before the deal, after the flop, after the turn etc.

Exchange Games open up a whole new dimension in betting as you’re not playing against the house, you’re pitting your wits against other players, all of whom are betting on the same game as you.

It comes down to understanding risk profiles – yours and others. Are you the kind of player who looks for short odds, but high probability, or do you have a ‘long shot bias’, looking for the occasional massive win, but taking lots of small hits in the process?

You could be watching a game of Blackjack where one player is showing K,2 against the dealer’s face up 7. The odds on the exchange will reflect the probability that the player will lose and you’ll see the odds drift out to eg 10 to 1. At that point, do you BACK the player, hoping for the big win, or LAY it (ie take bets on them losing), looking to attract the long shot punters?

It’s a fascinating twist and adds much more value to your  online gambling time.

Fancy trying out the Exchange Games? Click here to try them out now!


What is the Exchange Games Academy?

betfair know that players are reluctant to try anything new, so they’ve introduced the Academy as a way to ease players into the Exchange Games, and remove some of the financial risk of playing on unfamiliar games.

The Academy essentially sets four tasks, each of which attracts a bonus of £2.50. Complete all four and they’ll give you an extra £5. That’s £15 in bonuses, just for playing the games!


What are the tasks?

  1. 5 Bets – Place 5 real money bets (Back or Lay) via your Desktop PC within one month of the date you first played Exchange Games.
  2. 5 Cashouts  – Play any combination of New Hold’em (desktop PC), Poker In-Play (mobile app), Blackjack In-Play (mobile app) and use the Cash Out function 5 times within one month of the date you first played Exchange Games.
  3. 5 Play days – Play Exchange Games on 5 separate days (GMT) within one month of the date you first played Exchange Games NB you do not necessarily need to play on 5 consecutive days.
  4. 5 Mobile bets – Place 5 bets (Back or Lay) on one of betfair’s mobile apps within one month of the date you first played Exchange Games. NB mobile bets must be placed on Poker In-Play or Blackjack In-Play.

And that’s it! On completion of each task, you will receive a bonus in your Games wallet within 24 hours. Complete all four and you’ll get an extra fiver!

If you want a video explanation, check out betfair’s video here


For a complete explanation of betfair’s exchange games, read our detailed guide.

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