bgo Casino loyalty rewards

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20% Cashback at bgo casino

bgo's Loyalty scheme offers up to 20% Cashback on losses every week, up to a maximum of £100.

The Loyalty scheme has 5 levels:

  • Blue

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

All players are automatically enrolled at the Blue level and can then play their way up to the Gold level, meaning that every bgo player receives at least 5% Cashback each week.

Entry to Platinum level is by invitation only and gives you access to what bgo call 'Private Gaming', in association with Quintessentially, the world's leading private members' club.

The principle of the scheme is very simple - the more you bet, the more you are rewarded.

bgo Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

At bgo casino, players receive points for playing.

Every £50 bet in the casino earns you 1 loyalty point.

Each of the five levels (from Blue to Platimum) has a Loyalty Point threshold. Once you achieve this amount, you automatically move up to the next level.

Each level gives you a higher percentage of Cashback on your weekly losses - from 5% at Blue to 20% at Platinum

The entry thresholds and Cashback percentages are detailed here:

Loyalty Scheme at bgo casino
Level Loyalty Points Threshold Weekly Cashback Rebate
Blue Automatic entry 5%
Bronze 125 5%
Silver 2,000 10%
Gold 12,500 15%
Platinum Invitation only 20%

Private Gaming

Platinum Level rewards

Platinum level members at bgo receive special attention through what the casino calls Private Gaming. This is delivered via Quintessentially, the world's most exclusive private members service. Quintessentially assists bgo's high rollers in gaining hard-to-get concert tickets, exclusive privileges at the finest gyms, spas, nightclubs and restaurants, and a concierge service that includes food, drink, property, cars, personal shoppers, stylists - all around the world!

Quintessentially members have been presented with prizes such as a Bentley Continental GT, and all-inclusive VIP tickets to the FIFA World Cup, along with access to File and Theatre premieres.

Casinos should always reward loyalty and bgo does this exceptionally well - for all players, but especially for its high rollers!

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