138 casino VIP rewards

VIP Rewards at 138 casino

138's main focus is on rewarding existing customers via an excellent and comprehensive Emperor VIP loyalty scheme. Below, we give details of comp points to cash ratios plus hghlight the rewards on offer for loyal players.

The Emperor VIP reward scheme is the most comprehensive High Roller VIP scheme in casino gaming. The principle of the scheme is very simple - the more you bet, the more you are rewarded.

There are 4 levels:

  • Guest Lounge

  • General Lounge

  • Prince Lounge

  • Emperor Lounge

138 Comp Points explained

Comp Points

The Scheme works by accumulating comp points - the more you bet, the more comp points you receive.

These comp points are then converted back into £s for players to play with or to cash out.

The amount of £s you need to play to receive comp points decreases in each level, whilst the number of comp points converted back into cash is also lower.

Hence the higher you go in the scheme, the quicker it is to convert £s into comp points and ultimately comp points back into £s.

  • Guest Lounge - £1500 bet = 3 comp points. 198 comp points are converted into £1

  • General Lounge - £1250 bet = 3 comp points. 138 comp points are converted into £1

  • Prince Lounge - £1000 bet = 3 comp points. 98 comp points are converted into £1

  • Emperor Lounge - £500 bet = 8 comp points. 48 comp points are converted into £1

138 VIP Withdrawals

VIP Withdrawals

Another advantage of the scheme is that VIP players can make withdrawals quicker and easier - withdrawing up to £200,000 in less than 24 hours.

  • Guest Lounge - Withdrawals take 3 to 4 days min £1000 and max £9,999

  • General Lounge - Withdrawals take 2 to 3 days min £10,000 and max £49,999

  • Prince Lounge - Withdrawals take 1 to 2 days min £50,000 and max £99,999

  • Emperor Lounge - Withdrawals in less than 24 hours min £100,000 and max £200,000

138 VIP Benefits

VIP Benefits

Additional advantages of being a VIP at 138 include increased table limits, invitations to special events and a personal account manager.

Once you reach Emperor Lounge Level, the casino will invite you to enjoy preferential treatment at nightclubs and restaurants through a Concierge service that will cater for your personal needs, every day of the year, no matter where you are in the world. This service can include personal shoppers and stylists, through to art, cars and even property.

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