Online Slots Guide

A guide to playing Slots online

Slots are the most popular of all casino games, for one simple reason: they're easy to play, but give you an opportunitiy to win massive amounts of money! What's not to love?

Playing Slots comes down to three simple steps:


But simple as they are, Slots games use a lot of terminology that can confuse new players.

Our beginners guide to online slots is desgined to take you step by step through the world of online Slots, explaining all the terms, showing you how to play, and suggesting a few online casinos where you can receive a Slots bonus just for signing up!

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A guide to playing Slots online

Walk into any Vegas or Macau casino and the first things you'll see are rows and rows of slot machines, all flashing and beeping and noisily churning out jackpots. There's a reason why slots are the most prominent game in the casino - they're the least intimidating, the easiest to play, the most immediate for casual gamblers. There's no need to learn any rules, or chat with dealers or other players, you just sit down, feed the machine and play. And the payouts on offer far outweigh those of games like Roulette or Blackjack - you can win life-changing sums of money for minimal input.

But that simplicity can also be the downfall of the inexperienced player. Yes, slots can make you instantly rich, but most people are spinning the reels without really understanding how to play the game. The casinos rely on these punters as slots need a large turnover to account for the big - but infrequent - jackpots.

The aim of this guide is to prevent you from being one of the many and turn you into one of the few - the few that really understand how slots work, who know how to unlock the special features of each game, and maximise their chances of winning on every spin.

We'll explain all the basic terminology to ensure you don't feel intimidated, we'll explain what to look for in different types of games, how to give yourself the best chance to win by choosing the correct bet size, how to get into the feature rounds, what an effective slots strategy consists of, how to play in slots tournaments, where to get the best sign-up bonuses, and give you the chance to practice for free before you commit to playing for real.

Casinos rely on the sheep-like behaviour of players who just sit down and mindlessly feed coins into machines. With the guide above, you can separate yourself from the flock and become the kind of player that the casinos respect and fear - the knowledgeable, savvy punter who is entering into an equal battle of wits with the house.

Read through the guide, absorb the information, and start to play with confidence.