Slots explained - complete Glossary

The A to Z of Online Slots

A version of online slots that is played out in 3D scenarios with 3D characters
3 reels
A slots game with 3 reels and 1 payline (aka reel slots)
5 reels
A slots game with 5 reels and multiple paylines (aka video slots)
Add ons
A feature in slots tournaments that allows you to boost your score
The amount of money players have to play with
Bet Max
Automatically bet the maximum amount on a spin
Bet size
The amount bet on each spin (equal to Coin size x Number of coins x Paylines)
Buy in
The fee to enter or buy in to a slots tournament
Coin size
The denomination of coin used in the bet (links with Number of coins)
Collapsing Stacks
A special feature in slots that can trigger multiple wins
Extender tournament
A slots tournament that allows Rebuys and Add ons
A special feature in slots that can trigger multiple wins
A free to enter slots tournament
Fruit Machine
Online versions of the classic casino 3 reel game featuring Holds and Nudges
A feature on fruit machines that allows players to hold reels in place
Slots that allow players to interact with the game and change the course of it
The maximum amount of money a player can win in a game
Symbols that boost the players winnings by multiplying them
A fruit machine feature that allows players to move reels downwards
Number of coins
How many coins are used in each bet (links with coin size)
The different combinations of symbols that cause a payout
An explanation of all the different paylines
Australian term for Slot machines (from 'Poker machine')
Progressive Jackpots
Games linked through different casinos that have increasing jackpots
A tournament feature that allows players to rebuy entry and start again
Reel Slots
Another name for 3 reel slots
Reloader Tournament
A tournament that allows players to rebuy multiple times
Scatter Symbols
Unique symbols that can trigger payouts or bonus rounds
Scheduled Tournament
A tournament that is scheduled in advance with a definite start and end time
Sit and Go Tournament
A tournament with a maximum number of players and redistribution of buy in fees
Special Features
Second level game play designed to enhance player winnings
Survivor Tournament
A knockout tournament usually played out over 3 rounds
Low, medium or high - how often and how much a slot pays out
Video Slots
Another name for 5 reel slots - the most common form of online slot game
Wild symbols
A symbol that can be substituted for any other symbol except the scatter symbol

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